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Once upon a Time (part 2)

Animals in general bring gifts. I was recently reminded of this by a new friend Rey ( . His stories of animal encounters inspired this month's blog edition.

Not everyone may believe in Animal Magic. I do. I've lived in a place long enough that has taught me at the very least how to listen better, and become more aware of my surroundings and what things may be saying.

How we listen, and what it may mean, is often up to us to interpret. And don't get me wrong yall, sometimes we are not always in sync. Maybe where spirit and science meet is the truest of perception. Either way,,, I personally enjoy the listening part.

My own journey with ups and downs, has been touched by many lives, including animals. I have had amazing encounters with several different species. Ohh, and arachnids, Insects, the Feathery Ones, and the Reptilian culture as well.

I feel good about most of the encounters. However, at this point, I feel stronger about a select few. The next one, was with a very beautiful Owl. I'll save that though, for "Once Upon a Time (the continuation)".

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