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The Lakopi House & Get Lost Tours  would like to Welcome & keep on serving  the RV Community!
Since the beginning of 2020, even before COVID-19 reared its head, with the help of people like Harvest Hosts & Boonedockers Welcome!, GLT has been serving the RV community by Hosting and Sharing the beautiful area of Big Bend and Terlingua, TX with you.  It has been and continues to be, thoroughly enjoyable; both the people and the experiences  (For a brief history of this, please Read).  The Lakopi House & GLT wish to continue to do this.  For a more Personalized Experience for the Self-Contained RV'ers, 32 feet and under...
Please call
432-294-1580, or email to begin this experience.  Please read below for All the Info.

With a purchased tour of your choice:
2 nights & 2 mornings on property.  For up to 4 people total.
If people are traveling together and space is available, GLT has room for up to 2 Rigs no more than 28 feet long each.

Without a purchased tour:
You may call 24 hours in advance.  
If there is availability and there are no more than 2 people total, GLT will provide space for 1 rig, for an evening and a morning till 10am on property. Donations are accepted.

Generators are acceptable, with these small conditions.  This is for the consideration of others and neighbors in the area.
The Lakopi House & GLT understand that most have a generator.
The use is allowed as long as... 
It is turned off a 1/2 hour before sunset (which varies).
Turned on only after sunrise in the morning.
And used for short periods during the  daytime; usually up to 1 hour each time you need it.

Pets are allowed with considered supervision for the pet's sake, and others in the area.  Unfortunately they are not allowed on the tours.  You may talk to the owner of GLT for more details.
As we all know, the year of 2020 was not the greatest year for the world in general.  Yet, it did see an up-swing in self sufficient traveling and travelers.  More people hit the road destined for other places to visit. Trying to social distance and still remain sane.  They were ready to visit places that were not necessarily close to the norm.
GLT & The Lakopi House located in the Big Bend of Texas, was one of them.  It was near a beautiful national park, and a cultural habbitat, born from both sides.
And I was one, who had been lucky in finding, guiding, and experiencing this place for 20 years plus already.
As I have been known to say, "I was social distancing, since before it was cool."
At the time COVID-19 was being announced,  I was hosting a couple long-time friends who were professional RV'ers.  They introduced me to a group known as Harvest Hosts.  A semi-small, but ever-growing operation connecting the traveling community with business' across America. Although I had been working with the RV community in various ways already, they convinced me that it would be a good addition to the business known as Get Lost Tours (GLT) that had been created; so I started hosting while providing tours.  It was a match made from heaven.  I opened up the doors to The Lakopi House further, and continue to experience wonderful people from all walks, places, and qualities in life; with One thing in common.  They are all part of the RV community.  Needless to say, my friends were right.  Years later, I am still  enjoying the hosting and touring.
I myself was, and to some degree, still am, a traveler.  The nomadic nature was born within me from birth.  From my time as a military brat moving from place to place, to my introduction into the world of guiding, I personally could not have found a more simpatico community to serve.
Yes, I am established with a home now, and yes, I will serve ALL.  However, the RV community holds a special place in my heart, and I believe it will till my end on this planet.  Thank you fellow travelers.  May we all B & Stay Well.
Now, let's meet up and experience Big Bend Texas together!  See ya soon!

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