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Once Upon a Time ... Mr. Owl Part3 the Final y

For anyone that actually reads this, I apologize for the tardiness. I've actually been a bit bizzy. All that said, I decided to go with Part three, the last part.

I used this picture/photo because it was from a prayer fire I had. Look closely at it. Can you see the comical image? Plus,,, I already used the owl photo. This is however, about the owl experience I enjoyed. You see, sometimes, enjoyment can surpass much more than the negatives out there. From superstitions and such,, to even, the ones we do not intentionally, create. Sometimes it's a very simple moment or few, that helps us see truth; just as this next paragraph or two, yet true story, is.

(This is dedicated to my Living Aunt Leslie)... Thanks for reading. And I love you!

It can be very still & quiet out where I live. That means I personally, can have some pretty great #PeacePorchTime. This particular day around 4pm, as I was sitting chill, a beautiful large bird came flying in from the north north-east and landed on my clothes line post and perched. It was an owl! No big deal!,,, really? Maybe so, however, it hung out with me for 20 minutes (yes, I timed it), and we stared at each other almost the whole time. At one point I pulled up joogle on my phone to look it up. Good thing too. Because what I thought was a young Great Horned Owl, ended up being, an older Short Eared Owl. And yes, they both exist here. In any case, we hung out together, and maybe even passed some thoughts between us.

Truthfully though, the most interesting thing was the timing. Summertime, and the middle of the day. Granted, probably looking for the rabbits that live on property, however, still, it hung out with me, and honestly, I don't think it took its eyes off me the whole time. And sure, I'm sure I might make a decent meal, however, I was a bit larger than this one. It was approximately 17" in height. Most beautiful. No matter what... a great experience and one that still makes me ponder other things about this world.

Well, that's it for now. I get ready for yet another tour and new people to meet; old and new souls alike. Still feeling blessed and doing my best to spread/share the blessing(s) if you will.

Always Getting Lost

On purpose... For a Purpose

Till next time...

Ya'll B Well, an #KeepEnjoyinTheJourney

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