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GLT getting close to 2023

Well folks, it's been awhile since the last post. Primarily, because the wix app on my phone just didn't work very well. Almost a year later and I'm trying it out again.

Anyway, despite that, the year has been great! I've gotten to meet so many new people. We've taken photos, hiked, and traveled around exploring and enjoying the wonderful desert of #BigBendTX and the surrounding area.

After almost 3 years in business with #GLT I'm not sure if I would ask for anything more. The photos and videos are all around from TripAdvisor, to FB & IG, to the newst Google Biz page; and you can find these links on GLT's front page. And there are some in GLT's gallery pages.

I try keeping things short and sweet in these blog posts, however, if the app keeps working, maybe there will be more actual stories. This place allows for many.

For now, as always, I want to Thank Everyone, who continues and has helped with the success of GLT!


Be & Stay Well, and let us All...

Keep Gettin' Lost

On purpose, for a Purpose

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