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Burlesque in Terlingua?


Yes, Many know the beauty of Big Bend. It is quite obvious to see. Do you know the "Magic of Terlingua" though?...

When I was introduced to #Terlingua many years ago, I like many, fell under its spell cast by the desert and mountains and wide open spaces. Little did I know what lied within. This is something that you learn about throughout the years you stay. The longer you stay, the more it becomes uncovered. The real culture of modern day Terlingua.

Not long (about a year) after I decided to live in Terlingua, I realized not only was there a lot of outdoor adventure to be had, but there was so much more. There was art of every kind, from music and photography to painting, leather & metal work, and even theater. I personally enjoyed and participated in the #music and #theater scene. It was something that I could actually enjoy while I continued to guide. And, it led to much much more. It was the beginning of an amazing relationship with not only the desert, but also the modern culture.

At one point in time I thought about transfering my self and moving to Moab, UT. The people were nice, the place was beautiful, and I could continue working in what I enjoyed. However, there were things missing that Terlingua had. Primarily a music and real theater scene. So, I ended up coming back after working there that summer. And to this day, I have no regrets. What Terlingua continues to offer beyond it's magical beauty, are the amazing folks that actually Live Here; even if it's a few months out of the year.

This past experience with the Burlesque Show was yet another True Testament to the #peopleofTerlingua. Unfortunately I did not take any photos because I was extremely busy enjoying the show, and later dancing. So I had to use what I thought would best represent what I thought about the show. It was Hot! Very professional and yet laid back; very Terlingua! And very impressive! My hat is off to all the folks who designed, set up, and participated in bringing it to life! It was an invitation I was glad I had accepted and took the time to experience. I think this is just one more thing to add to the reasons we here in Terlingua love and live here. May the Majik Continue On!

Till next time... Be Well

and I'll keep Gettin' Lost

On purpose... For a Purpose

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1 Comment

Bryan Devonshire
Bryan Devonshire
Dec 24, 2023

Thank you for NOT taking photos, and for the excellent review!

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