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Losing My Virginity

Lol!!! Gotcha! That was actually many years ago. In a place far far away! This is actually about a program I joined called #HarvestHosts. Got your attention though I bet.

For those of you in the know, you can skip these next two paragraphs. For those who do not know about Harvest Hosts, you might gather some info about this program.

My friends from #ScoutingDestinations turned me on to Harvest Hosts. It is a program that can benefit #hosts and #travelers alike. It was designed to help the #rvcommunity find places to stay for a night or two, and in turn, help out by participating in what the host offers; from wine tasting to tours of all different types, including what I do with #GetLostToursinTerlingua. I won't go into detail here, however, if interested, you can find out more by visiting .

Ok, now for the story. As I said earlier, I was introduced to this program by my friends at Scouting Destinations. They are what you might call "#ProfessionalRV-ers". They stayed with me for a bit of time, did some awesome rockin' around my place, #TheLakopiHouse. That is, they created some great foot-paths to walk around on.

I was introduced a few months ago and the other day, I enjoyed my first visit from my first guest. So you see, I wasn't lying, I actually was a virgin to this experience. 😁 Funny and ironically, so were they!

It turned out to be a great experience for our first time. Shelby and her best puppy dog friend Kevin, were a delight to visit and share the experience with. You can see their photos on my instagram page #GetLostTours101. We shared stories, philosophies, couple beers, and some info on #LightDesertSkills. Was sad to see them go, however, may have made a new friend, and definitely believe they are at the beginning of the next part. And I wish them many good tings! Cheers! And

I may even start yet another part of my journey. Not sure yet, but it may include a YouTube channel. If I can figure all that out.🥴

Well, not gonna keep blabin' on, however, I did want to share this experience with yall.

Till next time,

On purpose... For a Purpose

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