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It's Springtime!

Well, It's Springbeak time Again!

And the people are here in Terlingua, TX!

And more are comin'. The campsites are full in the Big Bend National Park, the guides are busy, the BnB's are booked, and the spring break vibe is in the air!

I had decided to stay with my soon to be former employer thru it all out of loyalty to them. Especially since I've been with them for the better part of 20 years, and they may still need my help. In any case,,, All in all, I don't regret anything. That said, "I can't wait to Launch GLT in April!" Patience is a virtue though, and the Chihuahuan desert has taught me this and much more.

I am definitely looking forward to sharing it with others though, through GLT eyes, as we ride in style, in the 4x4 H3 named Vegas, and enjoy it together in a more personalized experience.

Well, enough for now! Take care until next time, and remember... sometimes it's just good for the soul to ...

Get Lost!

On Purpose... For a Purpose!

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