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GLT & The Year 2020

Night time Whole
Many make the Whole

Well the year 2020 has come and gone now. Many including this #GLT business say good-bye, so long,

and thank the sun, moon and stars

for 2021.

Hoping and believing that it can be a better year!

:Quick Update!: It just finished snowing here the very last day of 2020; about 6 to 8 inches on the ground! Biggest snowfall I've seen in 20 years!


I started this business at the very beginning of 2020 and truly launched it 5 days before they announced the news of #COVID-19. Not the best timing I admit. However, surviving all the trials of 2020 has brought a sense of new hope. And as with most everything else I experience , I feel gratitude and appreciation plus respect.

I would and could name many, however I prefer to allow for their privacy just in case that is what they may want. Instead, I will dedicate this paragraph to them.

So to those who took tours with me and stayed as Harvest Host guests, the ones who wrote reviews for myself and GLT, for the help I received from other tour companies, to my friends and family who helped and encouraged in so many ways, for Facebook & Instagram friends, groups, and supporters of GetLostTours101, even to the guy who booked, showed up and then declined the tour to simply pitch a business-sales proposal/partnership,,, to ALL who continue to lend support, say prayers, and in general help GLT to continually create a simple yet better company each year.... From my heart to yours, THANK YOU!!!

I hope to continue #flippingthescript and #beingthechange i wish to see for a #bettertomorrow. I & GLT will definitely be around for another year! As the picture chosen for this blog reminds me of... it takes infinitely many to make the whole.

Be well, Be Awesome, Be You, and just Be. 2021... #GLTsalutesAllofYou!

On purpose... For a Purpose.

And we'll continue Gettin' Lost

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