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GLT Big Bend and Magic

When I think of this desert... I think of magic. When I think of #BigBend and #Terlingua I think of ...

taking a drive around.

I see the beauty of this #desert. The different eco systems, including the riparian (water), and the high parts of some of the #mountains.

I see the many different plants, and yes, in some areas, even trees.

When I've ventured around I have had the opportunity to experience a variety of wildlife such as #roadrunners, black bear, different reptiles, and even mountain lions. The place is actually teaming with life of all kinds.

Then I think about its history, from the ocean that was this place, to the dinosaurs that roamed around the area, and then, volcanic action that helped to create its more present geology.

And the human history dating back quite sometime, from the natives to the spanish, to the ranching, farming, and mining settlements/communities, to the present state of #tourism.

As a guide, you think of all these things and more. It's hard not to.

At the same time, you can just #getlost in its beauty, spaciousness, and silence.

From the people to the place itself, it's hard for me not to notice what it is.

That's why I can sum it up in one word... "Magical"

I think I'm gonna keep Gettin' Lost,

On Purpose... For a Purpose

Till next, peace an B well!

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