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This edition, comes from listening to an older woman, who was a military vet of 27 years, who during an attack in Afghanistan, lost her hearing. The amazing thing was, she didn't sound like she had an impairment at all! This is what got me thinking.

There are so many stories of #inspiration everywhere! However, I'm gonna keep to my backyard of people I know, or have met. And, I will keep it short. I will not give names, for that is their own personal life. But i will give examples!

The first one is about a woman that will not let go of life!

No matter what medical ailment is thrown at her... she just keeps on going. She sees #Life as a gift. Or at least so it seems to me. In my eyes, she seems like the warriors of old; or as a person I know has put it... #Lovarriors ! In any case, she doesn't and won't give up.

To myself,,, that's inspiration.

The next one has to do with this dude I met in Red River, New Mexico.

I was a bouncer (believe it or not), with some pretty serious backup from a fairly well known M-cycle club from Albuquerque. (One baddass dude). Anyway, it was Veterans/Memorial day weekend there; They have a great #Vet #Memorial on the #enchantedCircle there. And lots of bikers come to visit. Many of whom are also vets.

This one dude rolls in on a custom built cycle, that to say the least... was truly inspirational! And here's the kickin' inspiration... He had no legs. He was cool as could be, nice as all git out and humble as the day is long. The second part of this inspiration, was the humble biker buddy that built it for him.

To me, these are stories of inspiration. There are many out there; probably in your own backyard. Maybe even in you. However they are, however they come,,, they help to hold this world together; through them, and through us.

Till next we meet,

I'll just keep #GettinLost

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