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Yes, No, Maybe so

I can still see the sun rising. I can still see tomorrow.

I have seen all the different thoughts, emotions, and expressions that many have put out there. That is why I write this...

I'm gonna stick with this belief for now. It has to do with this photo I took the other day when I just happened to walk out at the right time.

No matter what, unless I'm actually stuck in a 4 walled prison, this cannot be taken away. I'll keep doing my part to help the rest of humanity by following certain guidelines and regulations (hopefully only for a short while), while keeping my sense of moving onward.

Like I said in the last post,,, Not the greatest time to start a business, however, I did. So, I will continue on with researching ways of keeping it alive while playing by the rules; And I have never been the best at following rules, because I also believe in a Real Sense of being Free. It's why I've been a Guide for as long as I have... And, it's one of the reasons I decided to start Get Lost Tours.

Getting Lost is just a state of mind; That's why it is always... On Purpose... For a Purpose.

I truly hope We All Get Well Soon. Until then, let us keep our heads, hearts, and minds. Pray, meditate, be angry, be loud, be what you think to be best. Be an activist, or do nothing. In the end, it's just a choice. For myself, I am glad I have Choice. So I choose to carry on and keep the hope alive. I hope that this nasty a$$ virus that comes with all the Rules (barring logical cleanliness) will be short lived. Till then, I'm still Getting Lost, On Purpose... For a Purpose.

Till next time,

Be as Well as You and Yours can be.

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