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Yes I May in June, July, and maybe even August

Yes, I know, it's been a while. Unfortunately, Wix/Spaces have some issues in the blogging area tech they keep changing.


Here is a little more Truth....

The whole Spring season was Xcellent! Each month kept getting better and better. Then, Summer came! LOL! Actually, I knew things would slow down, and I even did a few more in June than I thought I would. July brought two great couples that I was fortunate to share time with, and in all honesty, the people I have gotten to spend a lil' time, chill, have conversation, and maybe a beverage or two with, ... are now, a Great Part of my Life. Hats off to yall!!! & Thanks for bringing a little bit of joy and yourselves to the ever changing and growing Get Lost family.

If there was a gold essence, that had a blue flame, and a green light, surrounded by purple, n black, .... That has been my summer so far.! Thank you to All My Relations.

Now for a bit of other news. There has been some activity in the area where I live. Some good, some not so good. I will only say this, "Be careful what you do to this pristine land. It may show you just how un-forgiving it can be.". And to any and all investors who keep sending offers, "Yall need to come up with a much better offer than the measly numbers I have seen. I have checked your websites and seen what you offer to the general public after you have made your purchases. Very pathetic and a bit greedy, even if it sounds good for $99 a month for 2 to 4 years. Be advised, that your Greed, may just bite you in the Arse one day.".

Well yall, I've said enough for this post today. I always want to leave on a positive note, and so I will end with this... I call it F.I.G.nation. And I must give thanks to the one who helped me come up with the idea.

On a tour one day, I mentioned how I had made it through 2020. I said that," I had been living for several years by and with 3 main things; Faith, Integrity, & Gratitude". Well, a little later on that day, one of my guests told me, they were going to "send me a leaf". I shrugged and replied, "OK", not really understanding why. Long story short, he told me that he would "send me a fig leaf, and that f.i.g. stood for faith, integrity, and gratitude.". That's when I understood and later came up with this little saying, (might change it a lil' bit. If you have ideas, lemmeno.)


I am the Leaf!

(possibly coming out on a t-shirt soon enough). Place yer orders now! LOL


Till next time...

Yall b well, and

Keep Gettin' Lost... (maybe even together)

On purpose, For a purpose!

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