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Why I Chose to start GLT

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Most days I have a tour are good. Sometimes though,,, they are Great! And when those great ones come in multiples, well,,, I just feel blessed.

For the last month or so, that is just the way it has been. People I've met lately have been supportive of this GLT idea in so many ways. From sharing their thoughts and ideas, to just believing in the birth of GLT.

To all these folks... I give a big Shout out and Thank you.

This next part is especially for the 4 wonderful people I spent time with 1/19/2020. Jus happened to be the day after I started this little blog.

It was a mix of ages and places where they were from, and we all got along great! As always,,, I may get to share things I know about Terlingua and Big Bend, however I always get to learn something new from them too. This day was no different. I got to learn some of their history, their opinions and beliefs, some of their expertise, and even what they do now. We got to experience walkin' on the beach of Santa Elena Canyon, takin' photographs, and sharing our thoughts about different things. Long story short... They were AWESOME!!!

I won't mention names or the like, because that is their private lives. Plus if they read this,,, they know who they are. And maybe when the time comes, they'll want to join the GLT Community. *hint hint wink wink* lol They get my humor.

Anyway,,, them and many others are one of the solid reasons why I decided to start GLT. In another post I'll talk about other reasons why I started GLT.

For now, just know, Yall were and are a big part of it. So, Thanks.

Also, I've started a category called The Personal Xperience. It will be a place to share your thoughts about the tour, the day, and/or, your favorite memory of the experience if you like.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Check back for more!

And as Always...

let's Get Lost... "On Purpose,,, For a Purpose!"

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