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Two Cents

Answering My Heart Again.

How many actually believe they are not hypocritical?

I decided to use this medium today, to share a bit of my truth.

There is so much anger in the air. There is so much division. I read all these thoughts and think... Does know one understand what is happening? Do we not see the division being created on a very mind blowing level.

Truth be told, the country that I live in, wasnt founded on great circumstances in the first place. It was taken. Just like most if not all of the rest of the continents, unless you were here in the very beginning.

I'm not led by religion, spiritualism, or politics. Im not atheist or any other label someone would wish to pin on me. I have a faith in my being that I cant and wont try to explain. It just seems to be there.

That's why it saddens me when I see all the arguing, hate, and general dis-course in the world.

If people would truly like to change things, first start looking inside.

Control is through power, power can only be had easily through separation (and not just 6 feet apart),,, and separation only happens through us.

History has shown this over and over again, for many thousands of years.

If it's the path we choose, so be it, however, remember this...

If All of Us have ancestors,

and All of Us are supposed to reap what has been sewn?, Why can we not change the narrative if we know and understand it. In the true end I'm not even sure if it matters, however, even to me, in my hypocrisy, I still care.

I'm not rich, in fact quite the opposite, the system I think, would or could not actually handle things the way we all wish. But that's what gets me to this...

I would be a hypocrite if I said, "I didn't believe in good causes.", however, I would also be a hypocrite if i said, "I know what they are.". I do not like many things that are going on in the world today, and admittedly, even in the past. I do not beleive that some of the things that are coming from so many different sides are good. However, I will also admit that I have said things in the past about powerful entities, that some might find un-savory, or even offensive. I have not succumb to violence, and so far, I have maintained a personal balance.

I do not wish to say what is right or what is wrong. I believe that can be a very gray area. What I will say is this...

"Do not always fall prey to powerful entities."

Don't buy into everything that is sold.

Don't always believe what is told.

Maybe don't blame everything around.

Maybe inside is where it's found.

For someone said it best,

"It only takes one mind to change a world.".

Maybe that one mind is yours.

So why get caught up in the swirl.

I'm definitely NOT perfect, however I did decide many many moons ago, to look inside more. And the ironic and funny thing is, it's still a damn long and deep stare-well. However,,, We Have to be Better, For the Future Generations to Come.

Till next time,

B Well, B good to one another & you.

#keepKeepinOn an I'll continue to

Keep Gettin' Lost

On purpose... For a Purpose.

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