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Peace of GLT Philosophy

Gettin' lost has always been a part of my

life. Usually though, it was getting lost in thought, so I could eventually find my own answers. Exploring has also been a part of my life.

Therefore, when both ideas; The name, and the tag line, were introduced to me, Getting Lost, On purpose... For a Purpose,,, it made perfect sense to me.

Even when you're re-hashing old desert skills, learning new ones, or just sittin' around a campfire talkin' story, we can tend to get lost in thought when we feel safe, comfortable, and/or at peace.

These are things I hope people can feel when traveling around the desert with Get Lost Tours. Because if we can enjoy and learn during an experience, while feeling safe and peaceful enough to be lost in thought... Who knows what answers we may come up with.

Till next time as always,

B Well

Let's Get Lost,

On Purpose... For a Purpose

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