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COVID-19... Stay Away from GLT

For those that know me, they know that's just a title I came up with that rhymes. I just have a very sarcastic sense of humor, oh! and irony.

"For now is a time for reflection, re-juvination, and re-invention of one's self". Also, I do think of those who may have lost others and/or been affected in a much more serious way than I. Thoughts go out to them.

That being said...

Are ya serious! Definitely Not the greatest time to start a business, or so I've been told.

Thought about doing Online Virtual Reality Tours, but.... How Bore-iinngg, I'm an outdoors kinda person. Nope, Not givin' up!... Just practicing patience. One of the many things taught to me by this desert and years of being a guide.

Eventually things will calm down. We will change certain things, and possibly see things a little differently. For GLT, focus on a clean vehicle, hand-wipes, and other such things for guests, will move up on the list.

Awareness of place and environment has been yet another lesson learned and lived for several years here, and these are just a few more things to add; without freaking out.

Truth is, things will change, however, I'll never stop lovin', livin', and sharin' experiences in the outdoors and this desert. I'm a Desert Dude and All Nat-u-ral thru and thru!

So, until next time... B Well! And,

Let's Keep Gettin' Lost...

(even if it's in the mind for the time)

And as Always...

On Purpose... For a Purpose!

(with #glt in #bigbendtx and #terlingua)

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