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Another Eye Opening Xperience

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I was given the opportunity to take some folks out again. lol. Hower, seriously, what I get to do, does feel like a gift a lot of times. I get to share the desert, and meet cool an good people. No names ever mentioned, but we get to talk about all kinds of things and learn about each other. Much is their business and not for me to share, however, real good folks from all over with all types of careers from, scientist to teacher, to dog groomer and guide, to juvenile probation officer and guide. And, all on their own journies.

In any case, this desert teaches much, and in my opinion, gives us a chance to learn more than just the plants and animals. It gives us the freedom to open up wide,,, share and enjoy,,, and learn!

To YALL!!! Here"s to Ya! Thank ya

An peace b w ya!

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