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A Little Rain Soothes the Soul

In a place where it can barely receive between 6 and 12 inches of rain a year, it is hard not to appreciate the time when it does #raininthedesert.

I have lived here in this particular desert for quite some time, however, sometimes you forget how amazing it can be. Even when temps can rise into the hundred-teens during the summer, we still get these amazing thunder, lightning, and sometimes,,, rainstorms.

The lightning can be one heckuva light show, and the thunder will vibrate my tiny home,,, but when it comes complete with the water... it is definitely a gift you can't help but be Greatful for.

Sometimes I'll even do a little Rain Appreciation Dance. I'll go outside during the middle of the rainfall (sometime au natural), and do my thing while saying-singing my thanks. Just one of the crazy-sane things I do.

In the end, when it's all over, I smell the after rain residue left on the plants and earth, and appreciate the presence/presents it has left behind.

There is also a practical part that has taught much. I get my water from the rain that falls upon my roof. It is part of the pact I made many moons ago. It also means, that I may have a bigger appreciation for it. However, it also has meant this...

No matter where I have been in my travels, I have learned an #appreciation and a #respect for the place. Both it's natural and human aspects. Every place has it's own ups and downs. I have learned to appreciate and respect the balancing act.

Till next time...

Still Gettin' Lost

and keepin' the Faith

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